Official PCM World Cup 2017 - Win great prizes!

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Official PCM World Cup 2017 - Win great prizes!

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Participate in the PCM World Cup 2017 & win great prizes

Multiplayer | PCM World Cup 2017
Do you enjoy playing Pro Cycling Manager 2016 and would you like to compete against other players from all over the world? This will be your chance.

The PCM World Cup is a yearly multiplayer event. This years 15th edition will be organized by the Dutch/Belgian community PCMFocus. The event will take place from May 6th till June 10th and is being sponsored by Focus Home Interactive.

The PCM World Cup consists of two parts: The solo world cup & the team world cup.

Solo World Cup | May 6th-May 30th
The solo world cup will take 3 weeks. During these weeks you will be able to participate in 8 different disciplines, including 6 track disciplines and 2 road disciplines. The track disciplines will be:
- Points race, Played on Monday
- Elimination, Played on Wednesday
- Scratch, Played on Thursday
- Keirin, Played on Thursday
- 200m TT, Played on Saturday
- Omnium, Played on Sunday

The road disciplines will be:
- Road: Classic, Played on Tuesday
- Road: Tour, Played on Friday

Each week there will be a “2nd chance” race. If you weren’t able to play on the first day, or if you simply had a bad day, you will still be able to qualify for the next round by participating in this race.

Team World Cup | May 31th-June 10th
The team world cup consists of the same disciplines as the solo world cup, except these races will be played as teams. You can participate together with your friends. The goal is to help each other and win the race as a team, which is of course prohibited during the solo world cup.

The winners of each discipline at the solo world cup, as well as the winners of the general classification at the team world cup, will be rewarded with a Steam version of Pro Cycling Manager 2017.

More information
More information can be found at the PCM World Cup forums at

Is everything clear? What are you waiting for? Head over to the subscription page! ... criptions/
We hope to see you back during the PCM17 World Cup.

Jeis, Mark1987, Edox, Bart & Appeltaart
PCM World Cup 2017 organizers